Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why do you guys collect?

So what makes you collect? I sometimes have a hard time explaining to my beautiful wife why I am such a nerd and collect old gaming stuff. Perhaps it's a throw back to the old days when times were easy as a kid. Times when the summer vacation was a gaming marathon with you and your close friends. I still remember the Christmas that I got my NES action set! Man the sleep I lost!

Perhaps alot of the urge to collect is because like most kids you were often limited to only one new system every so often. You rented games alot more than you actually bought them. I remember having to try and decide between the N64 Sega Saturn or PlayStation one Christmas. I ended up going with the PSX, but I can't tell you how curious I was every time I would see a commercial for another system.

And now I can finally cure that curiosity! Most systems and games can be had second hand for little to nothing! With the exception of course rare titles or systems.But then you find your self with the urge to buy a particular game or system with all its original packing. I recently bought Super Mario 1, 2 and 3 for the NEW with original boxes and stuff. I overpaid slightly for a copy of Rad Racer at a pawn shop simply because I wanted the cool looking grey box!

So what makes you collect? What do you really look for when roaming Ebay? How do you feel when you pull out that old NES cart and blow out the connector ( just out of habit because you replaced your 72 pin lol) and slide it into that NES. You push the cart down and flip the lid closed hitting the power button to be greeted by the opening them to The Legend of Zelda. Pic up that square u not so ergonomic controller and flash back to the glory days? There are some thing emulation just can't touch!


Retro and Rare said...

It's always nice to hear about other collectors. When I was a kid, I wasn't allowed to have video games. I would always play games at my friends' houses. It was always very exciting to get to play video games, so when I got older I started collecting all of the old stuff I remembered playing with my friends.

Retro Junkyard said...

Isn't it crazy how it becomes almost an obsession?! I can't even go to town without stopping in junk stores and such! I will be sure and check out your site as well! Thanks for commenting!

lazyhoboguy said...

I collect because I like playing video games haha. I am only 21 but still buy consoles and games for systems that came out before I was born. I dont play for nostalgia. I just get a lot of enjoyment out of playing video games and see video games as a more exciting form of entertainment that tv and movies most times.