Thursday, July 8, 2010

Virtual Boy flash cart!

So I have kind of gotten on a Virtual Boy kick lately. Knowing there were very few games produced and sold, I knew it would be hard to come across some at an affordable price (water world). Well now there is a chance to experience them with the home made flash cart from you can load one ROM at a time into the cart to play on the virtual boy.
One possible problem however is that they are currently out. They build them from older common games by hand and should have some by late summer. Kind of sad however that it's one less copy of Mario Tennis or something on ebay that you can get your hands on. I would say the ration of Mario Tennis carts to Virtual Boys is probably close to 1:1 since the system included the game and I don't think it was available separately. Any ways, the price is also kind of high as well, coming in at 90 EUR or about $140 bucks our money depending on economics. But if you are interested be sure and keep a watch there!

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