Sunday, August 30, 2009

Product Review: Retro Gamer Magazine (UK)

The UK's Retro Gamer Magazine. I first caught wind of this magazine a while back. Well, I was recently checking out magazines at the local Barnes & Noble when I noticed it. The price seemed kind of high, at $11.99. But as I looked over it I couldn't help be be impressed at the quality. The magazine itself was huge in size with a beautiful cover. The amount of gloss on the pages and cover make you not want to put even a crease in the crisp pages. So being as surprised as I was I bought it, Later finding out some issues only cost $9.99 or so. Upon reading a couple of issues now, I must say I am still impressed. The amount of information and things in this magazine is mind blowing! Everything from the making of Metroid to a issue with the entire story of my favorite console, the Sega Saturn. They mange to fill the pages with interviews with some true industry leaders and pioneers. This isn't like most magazines here in the US where they are littered with ads from cover to cover. They are minimal here and have something for everyone! Some things may seem a bit odd when you read them as it's a UK mag and the talk tends to be different. Things such as the names of console and games that change from region to region. My only real complaint is the simple fact there is alot of devotion retro computer games. Atari computers and C64 type stuff is big in the magazine. Had it been pure console it would have been much more up my alley. However, I still buy it every month and have a blast reading! Pick it up today! Also feel free to comment on similar mags you may have found!

MY latest score...

Ok, so I have been buying a ton of stuff here lately. I am pretty much starting my collection from scratch.And seeing as I am in Alaska where there are very few places to get retro gaming goodies, I looked deeper. I’m in the Air Force and on the base I live on we have a very small thrift store. I decided to check it out and managed to get there about 10 minutes before they closed. You know how it feels your first time in a place looking for games. You walk in puzzled as to where to start. So you wade past the racks upon racks of old musty clothes and such until you find a tiny electronics section. The one I found was littered with old CDs as well as a couple PSX games and maybe a hand full of old Xbox sports titles. I was aggravated at this this point and about to leave. First thing I always look for is games that are complete with box and manual. I know most people don’t care but I love to display the and read everything on them. So after not seeing any I thumb around looking at some generic jewel cases. Low and behold I found a hand full of Dreamcast games! I quickly grabbed eight of them and headed to the counter. There were no prices on them so I asked the lady how much and she said $1 each :) So I handed her the money and off I went.

I managed to snag The following titles as disc only: House of the Dead 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Power Stone, Jet Grind Radio, Bangi Gunship Elite , Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure and Blue Stinger. I just bought my Dreamcast since I sold my last two. I bought this one at a second hand store with only the AV cable and Sonic Adventure 2 disc for $4.99! I bought a controller at a pawn shop for 10 bucks. I overpayed seeing as you can get a BNIB controller on ebay for the same price but I wanted to play right then!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome all!

Welcome everyone! Retro Gaming Vault is my little side project I have decided to start. I should start by saying that I decided to do this after looking at other blogs like the Saturn Junkyard and the Dreamcast Junkyard. Both of these sites are also hosted here and have been great sources for me! I hope to give everyone a similar experience and try to build on it even more. I am still new to all of this and I am awaiting the video capture card for my MacBook to start video reviews. I have made alot of purchases recently however and will try to post at least one a day starting tomorrow! I have picked up alot of N64 , Saturn, NES and other games this past week! Also I plan to try and help you guys out in your hunt by letting you know when I come across some good deals on the net and Ebay. So sit back and enjoy and please keep me up on how you think I am doing!