Sunday, August 30, 2009

MY latest score...

Ok, so I have been buying a ton of stuff here lately. I am pretty much starting my collection from scratch.And seeing as I am in Alaska where there are very few places to get retro gaming goodies, I looked deeper. I’m in the Air Force and on the base I live on we have a very small thrift store. I decided to check it out and managed to get there about 10 minutes before they closed. You know how it feels your first time in a place looking for games. You walk in puzzled as to where to start. So you wade past the racks upon racks of old musty clothes and such until you find a tiny electronics section. The one I found was littered with old CDs as well as a couple PSX games and maybe a hand full of old Xbox sports titles. I was aggravated at this this point and about to leave. First thing I always look for is games that are complete with box and manual. I know most people don’t care but I love to display the and read everything on them. So after not seeing any I thumb around looking at some generic jewel cases. Low and behold I found a hand full of Dreamcast games! I quickly grabbed eight of them and headed to the counter. There were no prices on them so I asked the lady how much and she said $1 each :) So I handed her the money and off I went.

I managed to snag The following titles as disc only: House of the Dead 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Power Stone, Jet Grind Radio, Bangi Gunship Elite , Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure and Blue Stinger. I just bought my Dreamcast since I sold my last two. I bought this one at a second hand store with only the AV cable and Sonic Adventure 2 disc for $4.99! I bought a controller at a pawn shop for 10 bucks. I overpayed seeing as you can get a BNIB controller on ebay for the same price but I wanted to play right then!


Retro Junkyard said...

I know none of these really are anything special as far as rarity but for the price I think I did good :)

Anonymous said...

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Tomleecee said...

I wish there was a shop selling Dreamcast games for £1 each on the base I live on! I'd be suprised if anyone I know actually even knew what a Dreamcast was!