Thursday, September 10, 2009

What are you playing? RGV is currenty Playing Mr. Bones for the Sega Saturn!

Ok, I am going to resist giving away to much information on this game because I am dying to review it! It's a pretty pricey Saturn game but I got it for around 15 bucks on Ebay recently out of luck. I don't even know where to start with this game. It's so awesome and so unlike anything I have played! The game just screams Saturn gaming! It's extremely unique even in this day and age! I don't even know what genre I would really call it to be honest! The learning curve can be difficult at first but a look or two at a strategy guide online can help alot. It's easy to get frustrated and throw the game to the side but stick with it! The scores for this game back in the day were not very good but I have a feeling mine will be!
So what are you playing right now and on what system? Once I get at least 5 comments on this post saying what you are playing and a little bit of info on said game, I will send out a free gift! But remember I need at least 5 posts so tell your friends about our Blog and help us out! Thanks for supporting us!

Recent Ebay score: Christmas Nights Into Dreams! Sega Saturn

Okay, after loosing auctions left and right I knew with the holiday season coming up I had to at least get the import! After All, if you already know how to play Nights I doubt that the language of the import should be no issue! I really want to play this and upload video, but I am forcing my self to wait! It's very hard and I can't guarantee I will make it but I am trying lol. If you have a extra copy of the US version feel free to Send it to me ;)

Product Review: Saturn Action Replay

First let me start off by complimenting Classic Gaming Sega Style for offering a great deal on this product. It can be purchased Here for only $24.95 (USD)! This is one of the cheapest places anywhere I have seen it. The item is also brand new in the box unlike most Ebay auctions that are used and may be unreliable. They may be out of stock when you go to order, but they usually restock quickly. Mine arrived really fast, even being stationed in Alaska! So, anyway, onto the review.
What is the action Replay 4-1? It's a Saturn gamers dream come true! It features backup memory that allows you to copy all of your Saturn saves to the cart so you never lose them when the battery dies or while changing the battery. But it does so much more! Some of the best Saturn games, namely Capcom games, require either the 1Meg or 4Meg memory expansion packs. This cart offers both in one, giving games that support it a huge boost in graphics as well as being required for some games. But the best feature of all, is the ability to play import games! The majority of the rare and expensive US Saturn games can be had as imports for a fraction of the price.
Of course some games such as Panzer Dragoon Saga you will most likely want to stick with the US release as it may get confusing. But for SHMUP fans this is a must! One game we all know of comes to mind, Radiant Silver Gun! Some people may say these carts are unreliable as the years pass but I have heard of alot of people using the same cart for many years with no issues. If you love gaming on your Saturn there is no doubt this will open a new world to you. As a mater of fact, don't buy ANYTHING else for your Saturn until you buy one of these!
Score: 5/5

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: Star Soldier Vanishing Earth N64

So I figured this time around I would do a N64 review. Star Soldier is one of those games that doesn't really do anything wrong per say, but it doesn't do anything new or radical. But at the same time it is also one of the only SHMUP's I have seen on the N64 so you have to be thankful Hudson took the risk they did. The game was released in 1998 to little fan fair. It seems it was so far below the radar that most retail stores had no idea the game was even coming out. So you may could even call it a budget title. I have never seen this game in the wild anywhere that I can remember so it may even be a little hard to find. I picked it up on ebay for around 10 bucks. I have never had the chance to play the older games on the series such as the ones on the NES and NEC consoles. I have never even seen the arcade version of the game that I heard that I hear this is ported from. So long story short, the games is fun but nothing over the top. It satisfies the urge to play a decent shoot em up. Not to mention in this world of way overpriced retro Shmup games this game carries a easy on the pocket price tag. Pick it up if you can and give it a shot.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Review: Clockwork Knight ( Sega Saturn )

Ok, I have to be honest. This game was alot like a much hyped movie. I remember being a kid and not having a Saturn and drooling over this game every time I would see it. So with a little searching on Ebay I got it for almost nothing. I was a little upset that it was supposed to be complete but the inside pages of the manual were missing. But enough rambling, on to the review.
Gameplay: ( 3 ot of 5 ) I felt from the moment I saw the opening FMV I wasn't going to like this very well. The game just really has no sense of feeling to it. It feels very drab and boring. There is really nothing to get excited about at all. And I know this can be common with old games but, I am 99% sure I would have felt the same if I played it as a kid. The videos on youtube can begin to tell you how boring and repetitive the game feels. Not having a save feature of any type only makes matters worse. Sega gave the Saturn built in saves and then doesn't use it in such a hyped platformer? I could save in Super Mario World for Christ sake! And that seems to be a big problem with Saturn games. The only "fun" part of the game is the boss levels. They are much more involving and actually give you a feeling of some accomplishment before being dumped into boredom again. Also, don't expect to go back and replay a level to get everything 100%. Because you can't. And maybe I just need to find a manual but I sure don't understand how you get 100% completion any way.
Graphics:( 3 out of 5 ) I always feel bad reviewing this part of a classic game. It's hard not to deduct points when you are used to the world of PS3 and HD TV's. this game was meant to be a showcase for the Saturn's capabilities. At times they can look good. Again, during boss battles mainly. The rest of the enemy toys are all very plain and boring looking. Adding to the overall dull appeal of the game as a whole. The back grounds are the best part. Seeing the trains go into the background and the huge Saturn posters are fun to look at for such an old game.
Control: ( 3 out of 5 ) The controls can be tight for the most part. It's not to difficult to land a jump in the proper spot. But other aspect will annoy the hell out of you. Such as trying to push and item onto a moving playtform, stop and try to start again and by the time the box moves , it's on the platform and you are stuck unable to get on in time. You really have no fun special moves or anything either. Just a basic attack and jump. The d-Pad response feels great on the awesome Saturn controller!
Sound: ( 2 out of 5 ) The music in CK is extremely dull and repetitive! The sound effects are FAR from the wonderful sounds heard in other Saturn games! The sound of killing an enemy sounds so weak and does nothing to add to the experience! Everything seems so basic and out of place. This is one of the things hat makes me so sour toward this game. In the days before force feedback sound was your feedback. This back to the sounds of Mario jumping and landing on a goomba. You won't hear anything that unique here!
In closing, I know alot of people hold a special place for this game in memory. While it's a great addition to your Saturn Library as a valiant effort by Sega, it's not anything you will have a hard time putting down. So if you find it cheap pick it up. In the mean time I will be on the hunt for what I hear is a much better game CK2. Feel free to leave comments on the review. I am sorting out my video capture stuff and will soon start posting video reviews. In the mean time, thanks to the youtube poster of this video!