Thursday, September 10, 2009

Product Review: Saturn Action Replay

First let me start off by complimenting Classic Gaming Sega Style for offering a great deal on this product. It can be purchased Here for only $24.95 (USD)! This is one of the cheapest places anywhere I have seen it. The item is also brand new in the box unlike most Ebay auctions that are used and may be unreliable. They may be out of stock when you go to order, but they usually restock quickly. Mine arrived really fast, even being stationed in Alaska! So, anyway, onto the review.
What is the action Replay 4-1? It's a Saturn gamers dream come true! It features backup memory that allows you to copy all of your Saturn saves to the cart so you never lose them when the battery dies or while changing the battery. But it does so much more! Some of the best Saturn games, namely Capcom games, require either the 1Meg or 4Meg memory expansion packs. This cart offers both in one, giving games that support it a huge boost in graphics as well as being required for some games. But the best feature of all, is the ability to play import games! The majority of the rare and expensive US Saturn games can be had as imports for a fraction of the price.
Of course some games such as Panzer Dragoon Saga you will most likely want to stick with the US release as it may get confusing. But for SHMUP fans this is a must! One game we all know of comes to mind, Radiant Silver Gun! Some people may say these carts are unreliable as the years pass but I have heard of alot of people using the same cart for many years with no issues. If you love gaming on your Saturn there is no doubt this will open a new world to you. As a mater of fact, don't buy ANYTHING else for your Saturn until you buy one of these!
Score: 5/5