Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: Star Soldier Vanishing Earth N64

So I figured this time around I would do a N64 review. Star Soldier is one of those games that doesn't really do anything wrong per say, but it doesn't do anything new or radical. But at the same time it is also one of the only SHMUP's I have seen on the N64 so you have to be thankful Hudson took the risk they did. The game was released in 1998 to little fan fair. It seems it was so far below the radar that most retail stores had no idea the game was even coming out. So you may could even call it a budget title. I have never seen this game in the wild anywhere that I can remember so it may even be a little hard to find. I picked it up on ebay for around 10 bucks. I have never had the chance to play the older games on the series such as the ones on the NES and NEC consoles. I have never even seen the arcade version of the game that I heard that I hear this is ported from. So long story short, the games is fun but nothing over the top. It satisfies the urge to play a decent shoot em up. Not to mention in this world of way overpriced retro Shmup games this game carries a easy on the pocket price tag. Pick it up if you can and give it a shot.