Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rare Unopened Gameboy listed on eBay for $500 USD!

Facotry sealed original Gameboy!

Who knows if this will actually sell. But wouldn't it be pretty cool to own an unopened 20+ year old Gameboy?! The Warranty stick is still attached to the back as well. This is the car retailers removed upon sale to register that sold unit with Nintendo. Years later the stores just scan a bar code serial number from a window in the box.

I would like to have seen this as an auction to see what type of activity it would have had. There isn't even a page view counter. I don't think it will sell however. It seems most of the time the portable console market on eBay just isn't very big versus the home console market. You can easily buy a game boy or game gear for less than 10 bucks before shipping. I am sure however with time that the value of this item will make it a keeper!

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