Thursday, July 8, 2010

Power for my Virtual Boy

So I got to thinking about how my friends Virtual boy always hogged the 6 AA batteries in no time. So I hopped on ebay in search of an A/C Adapter. You have the one from Japan that uses the NES AC adapter. You buy the tap from japan and it allows you to plug in a AC adapter from a NES into the controller. They were around 30-40 bucks for just that tap and almost all located in Japan. They were mostly new sealed in the Japanese boxes.

Then you have the USDM version which uses the SNES AC adapter. The plugs are different size between the NES and SNES. The US version included both the actual SNES adapter and the controller TAP but was usually hard to find. Well I found a auction that was actually located in my town here in Alaska that had the USDM version brand new sealed in the box :) I hate to open it but it's one of those things That's hard not to do. If it were a rare game I would keep it sealed but going to open her up and play when the VB gets here!