Saturday, July 17, 2010

Recent score for the Genesis :)

Ok, so normally I can head down to my local Play n Trade and pick up some retro games for decent prices. They normally are the exact same price as what I would pay for the same thing with shipping on ebay. Some times they have some harder to find games for decent prices. While there yesterday they had a mint coy of Double Dragon 2 for nes in the mint box but I didn't ask the price. Maybe next time!
In the mean time I was looking to pickup some Genesis games and I prefer these to be in the box since the boxes are usually in great shape with them being plastic. Unlike the freaking cardboard boxes of other systems! I really wanted Rocket Knight Adventures boxed but on ebya it was around $15 -$20 bucks. Well I got lucky and it had just been traded in so I got it with box and manual mint for $2.99! Awesome deal! Been wanting to play the original since playing the demo of the XBLA release!
Also got Sonic 1 bundled version with case and no manual in great shape for only 99 cents! And I love how old fighting games still play well today. So I picked up a copy of Super Street Fighter 2 with a mint case for only $4.99 :) It was a really great day! They have a couple other things like Road Rash 2 that I will probably go back and pick up later! But for less than a ten dollar bill this was a great score I think!
What recent finds did you guys make?!?

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