Monday, July 5, 2010

Newest Purchase: Virtual Boy!

Ok, so I remember my friend calling me to come over after school one day to see his new game. When I got there I saw the Nintendo Virtual Boy just chilling on his table! It had only been like a couple months since the launch and KB Toys had already drastically cut the price. So he got one for almost free and a handful of games! Despite it's quirks it was actually very fun to play! We played Wario Land for hours on end!
So after watching some Angry Video Game Nerd videos I decided to hit up eBay in search of a Virtual Boy after coming up empty handed in my local area. Some systems were pricey and included games. Some were cheap but had broke or missing stands. I finally found one and got it shipped and all for about $66. It does have a small crack in the stand so if you have one laying around let me know and maybe we can work out a deal!
I have yet to get it in the mail but I honestly can't wait! It came with no games so I bought a copy of Wario land for about $20 for the cartridge only. I also was very interested in the Vertical Force SHMUP type game. It seems more hard to find in a US version so I ended up buying a complete Japanese copy for less than $27 shipped. The Virtual Boy is region free (yay!). Can't wait to post some stuff up about my purchase!


Tomleecee said...

I used to own one of those hideous things! I only had Mario Tennis and Tetris 3D for it though.

Retro Junkyard said...

LOL Wario Land is such a great alone makes it worth having the system I think! How was Tetris 3d?