Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rare Pioneer Laseractive with PCEngine and Sega CD modules!

eBay Auction Pretty sure this is very rare. And judging by the bidding I would say I'm right lol. This would be so cool to have in the old game room! It's your old school laser disc player but it also has modules that plug in to allow you to play Sega CD games as well as PCEngine CD games!
As if the JVC console CDX and the normal Sega CD weren't enough! I am guessing the production numbers for these units are very low and should be extremely hard to find! Who ever get's this is very lucky!

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NES Online said...

I had Sega CD back in the day and the only games I had were Sewer Sharks and Dracula. I don't remember it being that great. Where the later games released for it any better? How do you find it?