Friday, August 6, 2010

Picked up some more games for the ole' Genesis!

Headed back down recently to the local Play n Trade and picked me up some more Genesis games! I had to buy Road Rash2! I know it may not hold up well today, but I remember going to my cousin's house and begging my parents for a Genesis after playing Road Rash every time! I can't wait to blow the dust off this one!

Then there is NBA Jam TE. I am not a sports fan by any means, but this was always so much fun to play! I still remember playing as Clinton to this day! The sound of the announcer saying "He's on Fire!" still echoes in my memories!

Sonic and Knuckles, I will most likely get alot more in depth on this one later! Wikipedia has a very nice article on this game and it's "Lock on" technology. I mainly wanted to play the new levels that it contains! But you can also attach older Sonic games and have access to knuckles as a playable character and other new levels and such in Sonic 3!