Monday, August 30, 2010

Shenmue is beautiful in HD !!!

I am shocked. We didn't get a release of Shenmue 2 in the states. We can only import the EURO version or buy the Xbox release. I was worried at first about getting the xbox version but was glad to know it at least used the same voice actor for Ryo. But I was a little happier when I saw this game was backwards compatible on 360 and had 720p mode! Needless to say, this game is gorgeous on a 42" Plasma tv over HDMI! Hong kong is breathtakingly beautiful and every little attention to detail in the graphics is evident! Just the icing on the cake for what is so far the best game since Shenmue 1! My only complaint so far is, if you are playing on a 360 the music and sound effects will slowly stop working some times minus the voices. To easily fix it, just pause and unpause the game. It returns to normal right away! I will post a full review soon!

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