Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally bought another Sega Saturn!

Well, I could not stand it anymore. I finally bought another Saturn to replace to one I sold. Now I am kind of sad because I now have to re-aquire games like Bones and Panzer Dragoon. I bought a model 2 this time with hopes of being able to throw in a mod chip as well and maybe run a action replay 4 in 1 cart too! I have bought a tone of stuff for the Genesis and also the Saturn so I need to find some time to post more updates! In the mean time I have been trying to find time to explore Shenmue on Dreamcast since I have never played it before! I'm not a big RPG fan but I know there are a ton of good ones on the Saturn. Can anyone recommend some good RPG games for me to play for people who normally are not into them?!?!

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