Friday, August 6, 2010

I love mint boxed NES games: Double Dragon 2!

There is something about finding a survivor. A game is just innocently sitting on a shelf somewhere in a mint condition box and 100% complete. It has survived 20+ years of owners and harsh playing conditions. As kids we threw the boxes away alot of times! Well I learned better around age 10. But this game blew me away. I can't even see any marks on the contacts to show it's even been played! The box is mint and still has the manual, sleeve, and all the little cards that you register with and get Nintendo Power subscriptions! This is the game I saw at Play n Trade but didn't bother asking the price.

$11.99. Yup, that's all I payed for a mint NES game. I understand it would be worth more if it weren't the second game in the series but to me it's cool to have sitting on the shelf in my game room. Right next to my boxed copies of Mario 1 2 and 3. I love finding this old stuff!

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