Monday, September 6, 2010

Dreamcast on a 3D TV!!!!!

Well the wife let me buy a new toy...A Samsung 46" 3D TV! The best part about this is, when I am done playing every 3D PS3 demo I have , I have a plan. I purchased a VGA box for the Dreamcast!

That's right! A little known fact is the Samsung TV's can "upconvert" any 2d source into 3D! I sampled this feature in store and the effect that it has is Amazing! I can't wait to play games like Shenmue and Sonic Adventure in 3D! I knew I was going to be playing a ton so I even ordered a 50 pack of batteries for the shutter glasses on eBay lol. The TV will arrive the 14th or 15th and I can't wait to give you guys more info! It should looks astonishing to play Soul Calibur!


Wade said...

Wow, it could be cool to play those old classics in 3D. I think Dreamcast and PS1 would be fun in 3D!

Jesse Fantos said...


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